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Dental implants are the most advanced, effective way to replace teeth. A dental implant is a permanent “tooth-root” like fixture that can replace the need for removable dentures. Crowns placed on a dental implants look and feel like real teeth. The dental implant is placed into the bone below the gum height in areas where teeth are missing.

A dental implant is not the part that looks like a tooth, but rather a titanium or ceramic screw-like surgical component that integrates with the bone of your upper or lower jaw. To support the crown, the middle component between the crown and implant, called an abutment, is needed.

Your jawbone is accustomed to supporting teeth. When you lose teeth, the jawbone degenerates. When removable dentures are worn they simply cover the problem and let the jawbone wither away, leading to an elderly sunken-face look. Dental implants help to preserve your jawbone, so you can maintain a strong and youthful profile.

If removable dentures feel unnatural, it’s because they are. Your mouth wasn’t made to have false teeth. Removable dentures can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re eating. They can also make some words difficult to pronounce. These issues can be eliminated with dental implants.

Dental implants aren’t only better than dentures, they offer advantages over cemented bridges, too. A cemented bridge requires neighboring natural teeth to be filed down to fit a fake tooth in between. So with bridges, you have to damage your natural teeth in order to replace your missing teeth. Unlike bridges, the process of placing dental implants does not require affecting any teeth.