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A dental filling is designed to endure several years of use, especially if it receives proper care, but it will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. However, harmful oral conditions can cause a dental filling to deteriorate prematurely, and we encourage you to be aware of the risks to your dental filling, such as:

– A damaged seal: Bacteria and particle buildup can occur under the filling if the seal between the filling and the tooth enamel became weak. This can lead to tooth decay and even an infection in the dental pulp, resulting in a painful tooth root infection known as a tooth abscess.

– A large cavity: If a new cavity develops around the filling, the filling itself may need to be replaced. If the original filling was large or there is not enough structure remaining to support a new filling, our dentist may need to place a crown instead.

– Constant pressure: Over time, the pressure caused by chewing or grinding your teeth can chip, crack or wear down your dental filling. Often times, these effects are completely painless, which is why you need to visit the dentist regularly so that [heshe] can identify the damage and provide treatment that is as conservative as possible.

– A loose filling: Your dental filling can come loose or fall out as a result of tooth decay, fracture, biting trauma, a dental accident, or the effects of time.

You can help your dental filling last for years by taking good care of your teeth. If you do need a new dental filling, Dr. [doctor_name] would be happy to place a tooth-colored dental filling in [city], [state]. Call [phone] today to schedule your appointment at [practice_name]!