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While mercury amalgam dental fillings are very traditional, dental studies have recognized mercury as a toxin to your body that can from your fillings. The increased awareness of mercury filling hazards has convinced many dental patients to have old silver fillings replaced with alternatives. Our dentist and team can provide amalgam filling removal and restore your teeth with biologically safe composite material to reduce dental hazards.

Placing a mercury dental filling can be very invasive to begin with and increase the change of health complications later on because of the removal of original tooth enamel in order to fit the amalgam. This can weaken the tooth and result in damage and the need for a dental crown in the future.

The toxic nature of mercury is also a concern because it is released as a vapor and breathed in whenever the filling is stimulated by tooth brushing, tooth grinding, chewing, or drinking hot beverages. Dr. [doctor_name] strongly recommends that if you have silver dental fillings, consider having them removed.

Our team at [practice_name] takes great precautions during filling removal to protect your health. The room is properly ventilated and the air filtered to remove fumes, and we provide barriers for your mouth and skin to protect them from the extracted amalgam. We strive to minimize any mercury exposure while we extract the filling and replace it with a mercury-free dental filling comprised of a much safer composite.

If you would like to receive amalgam filling removal in [city], [state], call [practice_name] at [phone] today and arrange a visit with our dentist today!