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Straighten your smile with Clear Braces teeth straightening Aligners

When patients of the Red Bank, New Jersey area hear of “invisible braces,” the idea of straightening the smile without metal brackets and wires sounds almost impossible! Fortunately, there are many ways in which a patient can achieve a more attractive smile, and traditional braces are no longer needed for patients with mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth. Now, with teeth straightening aligners, patients can improve their smile almost invisibly! Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane and his team at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine are proud to offer clear braces for new and established patients.

What are invisible braces?

Clear braces use invisible aligners that are made of high-quality plastics. They are custom-made for patients based on computerized, 3D impressions of their current smile. The laboratory creates a series of trays that move the teeth from their current position to their more desirable place over several months. When patients wear the trays over their teeth, they are practically invisible, allowing patients to avoid hiding behind metal appliances for years to achieve the same results.

Who is a candidate for invisible aligner trays?

The best candidates for clear braces are teenagers and adults who can comply with treatment directed by Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane of The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine. Patients better suited for this method are individuals with mild to moderate misalignment of the smile. They can have the following concerns:

  • Gapped/spaced teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Turned/crooked teeth

During an initial consultation appointment, our dental team will evaluate the patient to determine if this treatment would benefit them. X-rays may be taken to ensure the teeth can be repositioned as desired without the need for traditional orthodontia.

Discover the advantages of clear braces

Red Bank, NJ, area patients interested in learning more about restoring the alignment of their smile with a less noticeable option than metal wires and brackets are encouraged to call The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine to discuss the benefits of teeth straightening aligners. The office is located at 211 Broad Street, Suite #106, and accepts new patients who call (732) 517-7785 for an appointment.