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General & Family Dentistry

The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine offer both General and Family Dentistry for the whole Family

Taking care of the smile is incredibly important for maintaining proper oral health and wellness—and maintaining the natural smile as long as possible. Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane and his team at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine believe in providing quality solutions for new and existing patients in the community of Red Bank, New Jersey. He is pleased to offer not only general dentistry care, but holistic care for individual patients and families in the area. With general and family dentistry service, he can provide a wide range of care for patients while reducing the need to refer patients to other professionals in the Red Bank, New Jersey community and beyond. With family dental care, everyone in the household can receive services from his team!

What general and family dentistry services are available at our family dental practice?

Below are just a few of the services offered as general and family dentistry:

  • Dental examinations – routine evaluations and cleanings should be performed every six months to monitor the health of the smile and keep the teeth clean and free from cavities and periodontal disease.
  • Dental hygiene education – patients can take their appointment time to ask questions about ways to keep their smile healthy and address any potential problems that may arise.
  • Laser treatments – we reinvest into our practice to offer dental laser services for precision care. The lasers used are cleared by the FDA and allow our team to address teeth whitening, gum line recontouring canker sores, periodontal disease, and areas of decay. For whitening, we proudly offer the KoR teeth whitening system.
  • Full and partial dentures – patients experiencing significant tooth loss may need to ask their dentist about the benefits of tooth restoration with partial and full dentures.
  • Digital x-rays, CBCT, and imaging services – we offer diagnostic services which allow us to not only pinpoint areas of concern, but help in developing an effective dental treatment plan for patients.
  • Cosmetic treatments – in addition to the above, we also provide porcelain laminate veneers and even orthodontic treatments such as Clear Correct Clear Braces for smile alignment.

Are you looking for a family dental practice in the Red Bank, New Jersey area?

The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine might be right for you! Contact the office today by calling (732) 517-7785 and scheduling a consultation appointment at 211 Broad Street, Suite #106. The office accepts new and current patients and families interested in the best possible care in their community!