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Metal-Free Dental Crowns

Protect Natural Teeth with Metal-free Dental Crowns

The dental crown procedure is often performed for patients to help restore and protect a natural tooth. Also referred to as “caps,” these restorations are placed over a tooth with significant damage to the structure. That may be due to a large area of decay, a recent root canal treatment, or cracks. Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane and his team at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine ensure that patients have metal-free dental crowns, which have several benefits for patients.

What are the types of dental crowns?

Many dental practices in the area will place metal dental crowns. Unfortunately, these create a problem for patients with metal allergies and are not nearly as aesthetic as porcelain dental crowns. They stand out as obvious dental repairs and may make patients feel extremely self-conscious about their appearance when they laugh, talk, or smile with others. Ceramic dental crowns are much more aesthetic and can be difficult to discern from natural teeth.

What is the difference between a dental cap vs. a crown?

These two restorations are the same! Some patients refer to crowns as caps, so there is nothing to be confused about!

Who is a candidate for a porcelain dental crown?

Ceramic teeth replacements such as crowns are often used in a variety of situations. Below are a few ways of how a dental crown is utilized by Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane:

  • To cover a dental implant used to replace a single tooth
  • To protect a tooth that has recently had endodontic therapy, which weakens the tooth structure with time
  • To add an extra layer of strength to a tooth that has had a large area of decay that compromises the tooth
  • To join to false teeth called pontics to create a porcelain dental bridge

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If you are considering restorations that look and function like natural teeth, metal-free dental crowns may be suitable for you! Call The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine at (732) 517-7785 to request a consultation visit with our team and learn more about porcelain dental crowns. The office is located at 211 Broad Street, Suite #106.