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A proven neuroscience technology that helps our patients relax quickly and safely, NuCalm® uses three elements of science that work synergistically: biochemistry, physics, and neurophysiology. The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine offers NuCalm in Red Bank, New Jersey as a way to bring peace of mind and the ability to allow your body to reach a deep state of calm; this results in quicker recovery, healing, and rebuilding of the parasympathetic nervous system state.

NuCalm utilizes four components to help bring your body to a state of deep relaxation and can be administered through topical cream or dietary supplements. To get the most effectiveness from NuCalm, you would first apply the topical cream or chew the supplements to help counteract adrenaline. Then, you would place microcurrent stimulation patches behind each ear to help facilitate the relaxation response.

Next is the application of noise-cancelling headphones that deliver neuroacoustic software to bring a pre-sleep state to your brain. You would then don a light-blocking eye mask to help negate visual stimuli and maintain the relaxation state. Combined, these mechanisms can help you reach utmost relaxation in about 3-5 minutes. To learn more about this revolutionary technology, we invite you to contact us at (732) 517-7785 and book your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane, DMD, today!