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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy for improved Dental Health and Wellness

For most patients who hear the word “ozone,” they often relate it to the layer of the atmosphere that is regularly part of the news. However, ozone is a special type of oxygen that is beneficial to our bodies as well as our environment.  Ozone is comprised of three oxygen atoms and is used in many areas of medicine for healing and recovery. This includes the area of dentistry.  Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane and his team at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine believe in providing ozone therapy to patients in the area of Red Bank, New Jersey, integrating it into many different dental procedures.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone is an antioxidant that kills off bacteria, fungus and viruses. It rebalances the biofilm in the mouth while treating conditions such as gum disease or decay. It can also be used during root canals and to reduce the longevity of uncomfortable canker sores. It is administered into the mouth, keeping the bacteria balanced and harmonious, improving overall dental health and wellness. Not all dentists offer this treatment, so learning more about it and other services available at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine is highly encouraged.

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy at the dental office is:

  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Best for healing and recovery
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Holistic/biocompatible

Patients who visit our practice are welcome to ask Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane about using ozone therapy during certain dental procedures and find out if they are a good candidate for it.

Request an appointment at The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine

If you are ready to speak to a holistic dentist who has experience in using ozone therapy to help improve the health of the smile, contact the practice of Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane and his team at (732) 517-7785. The office, located at 211 Broad Street, Suite 106, accepts new and established patients and families considering the best holistic care in the area. We offer comprehensive services from general to restorative dentistry and integrate some of the most advanced technologies into our facility for quality dental solutions.