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Holistic Dental Services

Enjoy Holistic Dentistry with Dental Professional, Dr. Glenn MacFarlane

While daily dental care and routine visits to the dentist can protect your smile from tooth decay and periodontal disease, it does not treat toxin levels in your smile. In fact, many of the materials used by dentists can deposit toxins in the mouth if they are rejected by your body’s immune system. Dr. Glenn MacFarlane is committed to reducing and preventing dental toxicity by first testing any materials before they are placed in your mouth, as well as offering a variety of holistic dental products.

Holistic products and dental services

Holistic products are designed to benefit not just the smile, but the body’s entire biological system, using natural ingredients that are wholesome and safe for patient use. These products acknowledge the link between oral and systemic wellbeing, promoting a healthy balance that benefits the body’s complex biological systems. They do not contain preservatives or metals that put the body at risk of increased toxin levels.

What holistic dentistry services are available with Dr. Glenn A. MacFarlane?

Below are some of the services specifically offered by our holistic dental center:

  • Metal-free dental bridges
  • Metal-free dental crowns
  • Metal-free inlays and onlays
  • Amalgam-free composite resin fillings
  • Biocompatibility testing for biological dentistry
  • Safe amalgam removal and replacement

Additionally, our team provides natural dentistry and holistic products to use at home, including toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other solutions that are appropriate for the smile and do not deposit toxins in the mouth or body. We understand the benefits of biocompatible dentistry that benefit not only the smile, but the body.

Why are silver amalgam fillings bad?

Silver amalgam fillings are fabricated with approximately 50% mercury. Mercury is toxic to the human body and can contribute to mercury toxicity. Additionally, these filings have a tendency to expand and contract, which can leave the inner canals of the teeth susceptible to bacteria entering inside and resulting in an infection.

Learn more about holistic dentistry

When you visit The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine, you can receive holistic take-home products as well as benefit from the expertise of a holistic dentist and team. We invite you to contact our office at (732) 517-7785 today to learn more about your options for holistic dental products in Red Bank, NJ, and schedule your appointment with us.