At The Center for Holistic Dental Medicine, we practice holistic dentistry that involves more than just the mouth, and instead, focuses on the body as a whole. There are many differences between holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry. For one thing, we are dedicated to ensuring the materials we use are not only safe for you, using mercury-free materials, but also for the environment. Our dental practice is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, which transforms our office into one that is attentive to the needs of the patient and the importance of protecting our planet.

Dr. Glenn MacFarlane uses mercury-free materials in his fillings, bridges, dental crowns, and more. We also use digital X-rays to reduce your exposure to radiation. Some differences between traditional and holistic dentistry include:

  • Root canals are typically not recommended by holistic dentists, because in order for a root canal to be effective, the canals need to be cleaned out completely, which is impossible. Also, the chemicals used for root canals can increase your cancer risk or that of heart disease.
  • Traditional dentists often recommend fluoride as a way of fighting against decay. Our dentist suggests not to ingest any type of fluoride, but topical fluoride can be used, if it is deemed to be of benefit.
  • Biocompatibility of dental materials is unique with holistic dentistry, meaning the dentist stays away from any metals, since what goes into your mouth can affect your entire body. For this reason, some dental offices have onsite equipment to test for compatibility with materials used.

The holistic services we provide include:

To learn more about our holistic dental services in 211 Broad Street, Suite 106, Red Bank, NJ 07701. we welcome you to contact our office at 732-530-4020.