At [practice_name], we believe in total body health and comfort, and we are committed to treating oral and systemic conditions that cause patients to live in discomfort, such as sleep apnea and TMD. We invite you to explore the following pages to learn more about each of these conditions:

Sleep apnea and TMD (also known as TMJ disorders) are chronic conditions that can develop from a variety of factors, including preexisting medical disorders, dysfunctional biological structures, stress, poor health, and more. If left untreated, these conditions can result in discomfort, pain, additional health risks, and reduced quality of life.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, TMD, or both, we encourage you to come see Dr. [doctor_name] for a consultation. Our skilled dentist will evaluate your symptoms to isolate the cause of your discomfort and determine the proper treatment. Because these are not “curable” diseases, you may need to visit the office periodically for therapeutic treatments. If needed, our dentist may provide you with a take-home oral appliance to wear during the day or while you sleep to reposition the jaw and reduce symptoms such as snoring, tooth grinding, and wear and tear on the jaw joints.

Learn more about sleep apnea and TMJ treatment in [city], [state], today by contacting our office at [phone] and arranging a visit. We look forward to providing you with a comfortable visit and customized solutions to your discomfort and concerns.